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Whimsey Bottle

Bottle Whimsey. Handcarved, handpainted, handcrafted.


Dated 1855 Yarn Winder in a Bottle Folk Art Whimsy, Whimsey


Circa 200 year Folk Art Religious Shrine or Altar in a Bottle Whimsey, Whimsy


Maybe the Best Folk Art, Whimsy, Whimsey of Jesus and Two Thieves in a Bottle


Beautiful Jesus with Halo on the Cross in a Bottle, Folk Art, Whimsy, Whimsey


Folk Art of Will Rogers Picture in a Wooden Frame in a Bottle, Whimsy, Whimsey


Amazing 100+ year old Folk Art 5 Yarns Winders in a Bottle, Whimsey, Whimsy


Folk Art Whimsy Crucifixion and 4 Guards in Bottle Whimsey


Folk Art Diorama of Three Sailors On a Ship's Deck in a Bottle, Whimsy, Whimsey


Signed and Dated Folk Art Mill and Waterwheel in a Bottle Whimsy, Whimsy


Folk Art Frigate and Brigantine Diorama in a Bottle Whimsy, Whimsey


Amazing 3 Generations Ship in a Bottle Diorama Display! Folk Art Whimsy Whimsey


1945 Carved Folk Art Detailed 2 Level Market & Train Engine Shop Whimsy Bottle


Rare Folk Art, Whimsey, Whimsy Crucifixion with 4 Guards in Bottle


1859 Folk Art Crucifixion Scene with Symbols in Bottle, Whimsy, Whimsey


1859 Folk Art Crucifixion Diorama with Symbols, Whimsy, Whimsey in a Bottle


Carl Worner Signed "Joe Szczech Saloon in a Bottle" Folk Art, Whimsy, Whimsey


Jesus on the Cross Folk Art, Whimsy, Whimsey in a Bottle with Chip Carved Stand


Ship Cannon Battle Station Folk Art, Whimsy in a Bottle - Jonny Reinert, RARE!!!


Rare, early 1800's Double Loom in a Bottle – Museum Quality Folk Art Whimsey


Rare Folk Art Bottle by Daniel Rose - God is Love Whimsey Whimsy in a Bottle


1890-1895 Karl Carl Worner Warner Crucifixion Scene in a Bottle Whimsey Whimsy


C. 1895-1905 Carl Worner Folk Art Clock in Bottle Whimsey Whimsy Pendulum Swings


An amusing interesting bottle whimsey: barrel w/folky carved head lock stopper.


Very detailed bottle whimsy Cuban coat of arms intricately pieced pedestal stand


Wonderful intricate bottle whimsey 4 men playing dominoes 2 musicians, pig roast


An extraordinary bottle whimsey of a house. Great detail, difficult construction


An extremely intricate, well done, folky bottle whimsy - men playing checkers.


An extraordinary collection, assemblage, and display of eight bottle whimseys.


Complex bottle whimsey w/large detailed ship in port w/several buildings, crane.


Vintage folk art bottle whimsey, ladder back chair in bottle with baby doll


French bottle whimsey with two orchard workers picking apples.


Bottle whimsy containing two crosses, two spear shaped uprights, and a ladder.


A really nice Bottle whimsey with an axe, saws, gun, spears, and more. Fills up.


Bottle whimsy with a Starship spaceship built inside


c1920 Folk Art Whimsey in a bottle wood cutter lumber saw axe lumberjack




WWI White Army Trench Folk Art Religious Whimsy Bottle Russian Church Crucifix


A large and fun bottle whimsey of a tricycle contained in a one gallon bottle.


A Small bottle whimsey with a brightly painted train inside long, narrow bottle.